ALGIVAL: A Biostimulant for productive and quality harvests

5 de August de 2021

Biostimulants are substances or a mixture of substances that include microorganisms, which improve nutrient assimilation and provide benefits for plant development and quality when applied to plants, seeds, soils, or other growth media.


Although people tend to confuse biostimulation with fertilisation, biostimulants trigger very different mechanisms or metabolic pathways than those triggered by fertilisers. In other words, biostimulants act as a complement to plant nutrition and protection; they do not substitute them.


Biostimulants are composed of a number of different substances: amino acids, seaweed extracts, humic acids, and microorganisms, and each exerts different effects on the plant. To maximise the effectiveness of a biostimulant, care must be taken to select the type of biostimulant based on the desired objective.

Algival is an osmoregulator and osmoprotectant and promotes cell division

Seaweed extracts are widely used compounds in numerous biostimulants. In this sense, ALGIVAL is a biostimulant that contains 15% concentrated Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extract, in addition to amino acids, NPK, and micronutrients such as boron and molybdenum. It is specially designed to promote and stimulate the physiological processes related to blooming, fruit setting, and growth.

ALGIVAL’S seaweed extracts include betaines, polysaccharides, alginate, and sterols, as well as other biomolecules that exert an osmoregulatory and osmoprotective effect that minimises the oxidative damage produced by abiotic stress.

The inductive action exerted by ALGIVAL in cell division makes it an ideal biostimulant for application in the following stages:

  • Pre-blooming
  • Fruit setting

The seaweed extracts selected for FERTIVAL are obtained through the best extraction methods and with total respect for the biostimulant molecules, in this way, increasing the benefits of ALGIVAL, to enhance its effect on crops and achieve the best yields and qualities.

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