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Our Aim

To be the leader for our customers in offering solutions to new challenges in the sustainable agriculture and nutritional well-being sectors.

“We offer alternative technologies which allow for vegetative development while avoiding the exploitation of finite and necessary natural resources for biological balance.”

Daniel Alabadí, Business Director of Fertival

Customer-Centered Culture

Our customers are the heart of our business model.

The most advanced technology that we have access to today is the ability to truly listen to what our customers communicate to us and to understand the meaning behind their words through intuition and being present, so we can apply our know-how in the best and most precise way.


Biostimulants formulated to improve the different stages of growth, resulting in a better final yield of the product.

NPK Fertilisers

Our fertilisers contain a balanced combination of NPK and microelements to cover the different stages.

Deficiency correctors

Specially designed to correct and/or prevent nutritional deficiencies of microelements that may be needed during growth.

Crop protection

Specially designed for organic agriculture and integrated pest management, guaranteeing the sustainable development of soil, crops, and ecosystems.

Soil conditioners

Made with a base of humic acids, they improve the soil structure, the cation exchange capacity and soil retention, while also supporting the microfauna.

Natural production efficiency

We study the needs of each crop and each customer, designing and adapting specific solutions for plant nutrition and advising on proper use of our technology, which is always focused on increasing the levels of natural production efficiency.

Our professional team and state-of-the-art technology

A dynamic, trained and proactive team, supported by cutting edge manufacturing, state-of-the-art technology, and demanding quality processes.


ALGIVAL: A Biostimulant for productive and quality harvests

ALGIVAL: A Biostimulant for productive and quality harvests

Biostimulants are substances or a mixture of substances that include microorganisms, which improve nutrient assimilation and provide benefits for plant development and quality when applied to plants, seeds, soils, or other growth media. Differentiation Although people...

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