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Humimax is a biological organic fertilizer totally manufactured with humified vegetal origin raw materials. The humic substances are obtained through a complex transformation of organic residues of vegetal origin.
It has a high content of fulvic and humic acids in liquid form to be applied dissolved in the irrigation water. It is a complete organic corrector which

improves agricultural soil conditions and helps to achieve higher yields.

Humimax plays an important role in the physical soil structure improvement, including the clay – humic complex formation. In compact grounds, it
will help to achieve higher water permeability due to its chelating and deblocking power properties. The water retention capacity in loose grounds will be increased. It will form humates complex with phosphorous and potassium, making its absorption easier.

This improvement on the absorption of nutrients by the plant will keep the plant healthy, strong and with better yields.


Total humic extract

15 % w/w

Humic acids

7 % w/w

Fulvic acids

8 % w/w


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Humimax should be always applied to the soil dissolved in the irrigation water. It is recommended to split total doses into separate applications depending
on the crop cycle. It can be applied with flood, spraying, drip or sprinkling irrigation.

It can be mixed with the most usual mineral fertilizers. Do not mix with acid reaction products or calcium, unless it is chelated.


5 and 25 liters


  • Do not ingest
  • Avoid any contact with eyes and mucous
  • Keep away from children
  • Wash yourself with water and soap after applications
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke during the application

Note: It is recommended to check with an Agronomist or Technician if you need to change or adjust dosage.