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Potassium phosphonate grants a double nutrient action in phosphorus and

potassium. Foval is a potassium phosphonate based product with high water solubility and an efficient use in plant nutrition. It will be easily absorbed by the plant when applied foliar way. Once it is absorbed by the plant, it will be efficiently dispersed inside the tissues, due to their high systemic capacity.

The presence of ion phosphate activates the plant immune system against some infections with fungal origin, by promoting the phytoalexines formation.
This will help the plant face any pest attack and, specially, increase the resistance against Oomycete fungi infections.

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Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)water soluble

30,0 % w/w

Potassium oxide (K2O)water soluble

20,0 % w/w


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It can be applied at any stage of the crop cycle.
It should not be mixed with mineral oils, products containing copper or products with alkaline reaction.


1, 5 and 25 litres


  • Do not ingest
  • Avoid any contact with eyes and mucous
  • Keep away from children
  • Wash yourself with water and soap after applications
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke during the application

Note: It is recommended to check with an Agronomist or Technician if you need to change or adjust dosage.