Eurofertival trajectory

Fertival is a Spanish company specialized in Agronutrients and Crop Protection products which has been developing its activity for more than 10 years.

Our beginning was marked by the development of high technological products that made us achieve a strong consolidated position in the high tech fertilizer worldwide market.

Nowadays, the commercial activity of Fertival is developed in more than 15 countries throughout the world. We have presence in Europe, Asia, Latin America, North Africa and Middle East countries.

Our company offers agricultural solutions for nutritional problems and organic crop protection with completely tested and certified products.

We have developed an exclusive catalogue of high quality trailed products suitable for a wide range of crops. Furthermore, in order to increase our environmental commitment and satisfy our different market needs, we have developed an efficient range of ecological products suitable for Organic Agriculture. This organic catalogue is certified by ECOCERT-SOHISCERT; an international compulsory certification avowed internationally by all countries.

Another of our main pillars is to follow our products with a technical advice and customer tracking after sales service. This labor is developed by a professional commercial team that will share with our customers the knowledge on product characteristics and application method, obtaining excellent results.

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